We are so pleased that you’d like to share Birth Story with your students, clients and friends. Some organization types and usage situations require an EDUCATIONAL or PUBLIC SCREENING LICENSE. Your purchase of these licenses supports and fosters independent filmmaking, and is in accordance with US Copyright laws. Thank you!

EDUCATIONAL LICENSE FEE: $250 (comes with Birth Story discussion guide)

This license applies to:

  • University or Academic Library: This includes public performance rights for student groups, staff and faculty, if there is no charge for tickets. Screenings must be held on campus, and may not be advertised or open to the general public (i.e. are only open to members of the purchasing organization.)
  • Use in a Birth Education Class or training program, at a for-profit organization (i.e. no 501c3 status)
  • Non-profit or for-profit institutional group screenings, made available to the public, or screened outside the classroom—this includes public libraries, community centers, birth organizations, yoga studios etc. — regardless of 501c3 status. Screenings may occur more than once for members or students of the purchasing organization, but no tickets may be sold. If you are interested in only one showing, see “public screening license” below.

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  • One time screening for the public, with option to charge for tickets. We supply the film and promotional materials. (We encourage groups to charge for tickets to cover the costs of the license.) The screening can be held anywhere you like – past screenings have taken place in theaters, school auditoriums, churches, yoga studios, a community center, a store, birth center etc. There was even one at a research base in Antartica! Email for more info.

Download Public Screening License

NO LICENSE REQUIRED (if usage complies with criteria below):

Retail Price of $19.95. (Note: does not come with discussion guide)

  • Libraries—Circulation ONLY, no group screenings
  • Academic classroom, with non-profit, 501c3 status*
  • Birth Non-Profit Lending Library, with 501c3 status, circulation ONLY, no group screenings
  • Birth Organization Class, with non-profit, 501c3 status*

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*In order to qualify for this face-to-face teaching exemption, classroom use is defined as a screening with the instructor present, only for enrolled students, in a classroom, as an obvious and relevant part of the curriculum.